About me

After more than 20 years living in the Canary Islands and for almost 10 years from my first-hand experience in the real estate market, I know perfectly every corner of Gran Canaria.

My experience over the years has led me to visit many properties and above all to guide my clients on the road to making the decision to sell or buy a property in the shortest possible time.

I get involved in each sales operation as if they were mine and I evaluate the most relevant aspects of each property, analyzing the most important details that for me are the needs of my clients, the qualities of the properties, and the price for the most recommended area. My goal is to make transactions more satisfactory and as easy as possible.

I am always available and my clients are always my priorities and they know it. Over time I have generated a lot of trusts and reciprocal esteem. I am always willing to help by contributing my knowledge of the real estate market. I will be by always your side to help you make the right decision regarding your home.

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